Have you ever thought about travelling the world with your kids long-term?  

But does the thought of where to even begin seem overwhelming and daunting?  


Four years ago this was exactly us. We had two young kids, were both in demanding jobs and life seemed to be an endless treadmill of going to work, rushed weekends trying to cram in a life, and paying the mortgage.  

We desperately wanted to step out of the rat race for a while, spend more time with our children and continue our passion for travel.  

Such a crazy idea and completely impractical. Or was it??  

Long story short, we decided to quit our jobs, rent out our house and go see the world with our kids in tow. 


We've now visited almost 40 countries together, and had some of the most incredible experiences:

  • watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  • glamping on safari and seeing wild elephants in Sri Lanka 
  • visiting the Arctic Circle in Finland 
  • swimming in the Med in Turkey
  • marvelling at spring blossoms in Japan
  • exploring ancient castles in Transylvania  
  • wandering through the ancient medina in Marrakesh

We loved it so much that earlier this year we left on our second gap year and are currently living in the south-west of France! 

Over the last 4 years we've gained so much knowledge and we're so excited to share it with other families looking to live the family gap year dream.

Introducing the Ultimate Guide To Family Gap Year Travel e-book


This e-book contains everything you need to know to create the family adventure of a lifetime!

70+ pages of practical advice on how to successfully plan and execute your Family Gap Year or long-term family travel

Nine chapters including details on what a family gap year costs, ideas on how to fund it, where to go & how to get there, how to find the BEST family-friendly accommodation, homeschooling & dealing with the logistics of life on the road.

All the tips and money saving hacks we've learned over many years of travel including TWO Family Gap Travels with our young kids!

We've already helped many families with planning their gap year. Here's what Sarah from Away With The Steiners had to say...

"I was so excited after reading (every!) blog post on ‘Our Overseas Adventures’ - each post is so well written, and in a way that matched perfectly to what we were trying to do. It gave us confidence to book ours too!

I love the way Kylie writes, and feel inspired every time I read about the next step. This family has made their adventure happen and shares it in a way that makes you realise you can do it too!”